About Us

As a Magenta Cloud Community we want to enhance the collaboration across the whole group to support a secure, simplified, scalable utilization of public cloud solutions.

Cloud users should be able to use cloud services without loosing speed and agility (incl. confidential data subject to staying compliant in regards to legal and contractual requirements). An agreement on how to get services approved without interrupting agile development…

Objective of our community:

  • Deliver Secure CI/CD Blueprints, Snippets and Consumable Products
  • It has to be generic and applicable in any cloud infrastructure or organization (cloud agnostic)


  • Our Project is following FOSS community approach
  • Asynchronous way of working
  • Creation of project in GIT REPO and applying Git-Flow control
  • Regular community meetings


  • Organization Master @Vladimir
  • Communication Master @Lena
  • Editor @Martin
  • Approver: Engineers @Miro @Peter
  • Contributor: Volunteering Engineers
  • Observer: anyone from Security Community (within the Group)
  • Steering: @Philipp, @Andreas, @Pavol


Purpose Technology/Method Product Name Description
Communication Conferencing system Zoom calls and sharing
Communication Chat Slack Provides 24/7 Central Operations for Services, Applications, Platforms or Infrastructures covering: Event management , Incident management , Change management , Problem management
Communication Community page YAM Site
Source code Version Control and Artefact management Gitlab.com REPO and Gitlab Artefacts
Organisation Scrum/Kanban Gitlab.com Gitlab Boards and Issue tracking Preferably KANBAN
Infrastructure Cloud Pan-net.cloud Tenant with public FIP
Infrastructure CI Gitlab Runner TBD
Infrastructure Runtime&Orchestration CaaS K8s + Docker
Documentaion Text maintenance Markdown
Documentaion Publishing HUGO
Documentaion Delivery CI/CD
Documentaion Web NGINX